Bearings – Linear Systems – Transmission

Bearings - Linear Systems - Transmission

Plain Bearings, Ball Bearings, Barrel Bearings, Rod End Bearings

Aluminium Profiled Rail Systems for Industrial Applications

Linear Motion Systems, Linear Bushings and Shafts

Automatic Lubricators

Chain Wheels, Sprockets for Straight and Angular Tooth Engagement, Racks

Chains for Conveying, Motion and Lifting Applications

Chains for Special Applications in Cement, Mining, Wood, Food, Automotive, Agricultural and other Industries

Couplings with Rubber Elements, Gear Engagement, Chain, Spring, Hydraulic and Pin Couplings

V and Timing Belts, Polychain, Variflex, Hexagonal, Multiple Row, Polyurethane, Plain or Cord Enhanced Belts

V - Belt and Timing Belt Pulleys

Taber Bushes, Welding Hubs, Shaft Locking Elements